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"Working with Better Foundation Repair San Diego restored my faith in contractors. After being ripped off and lied to by so many companies, we we're on our last leg of trusting GCs. This foundation crew came in, gave me an honest inspection and quote, and provided services within the week for my repair. Couldn't be happier!"
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Our Foundation Company Services

Thorough foundation inspection services that help us pinpoint any issues with the structure
Foundation repair plans that are developed based on our professional inspection findings
Expert pier & beam work and concrete slab foundation repair for any size home & business

Expert Repair & Waterproofing

Waterproofing services to keep basements and crawl spaces dry and functional
Crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installation for your home 
Sump pump and French drain installation to redirect water away from your foundation

Contractors Who Work Hard for YOU!

We're a fully licensed and insured entity that takes the health of your foundation seriously
Our foundation repair services protect the resale value of your home
All of our work and products are backed by exclusive warranties and in-house guarantees

Our Friendly Foundation Repair Contractors in San Diego

Finding rock-solid foundation repair in Sand Diego is extremely important because your house's integrity depends on successful services. Our team of highly-qualified foundation experts treats your whole structure. We never quickly fill the cracks on your foundation and call it a day but rather investigate where and how the cracks originated so that we can conquer the root of the problem and prevent a reoccurrence. Our goal is to apply long-term repairs that last.

Our foundation repair company is fully licensed and insured, well-educated, and has numerous years of on-the-job experience in the foundation repair industry. If there is a class or workshop to be attended, you can bet your bottom dollar our crew will be there. We value traditional foundation repair methods and complement them with modern technology so that your basement, crawl space, piers & beams, and slab foundations get the best service in the state.

We make it a top priority to quickly and responsibly fix your foundation problems using industry-leading tools and equipment. All of our work and materials are backed by warranties you can trust. Our prices are competitive, and we work with all major insurance companies. Call now for a FREE estimate.

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San Diego Foundation Repair Pros you can count on!

Foundation Repair Services in San Diego Protect Your Investment

At Better Foundation Repair San Diego, we offer services you can take to the bank! We never cut corners, use shoddy equipment, or work without determination. The integrity of your foundation is what matters to our foundation repair contractors. Are you ready for your FREE estimate? Call now!

Foundation Repair

Cracks and leaks have no place plaguing your foundation. Our team uses superior methods to rid the structure of these problems while preserving the integrity of the entire framework of your house. We only use top-rated products.

Crawl Space Work

Crawl spaces are excellent for storing tools, equipment, and other items you want to keep out of the way. However, they won't serve any purpose if they are flooded, growing mold, or harboring vermin. Our team can help!

Expert Waterproofing

When excess water is driven towards a foundation, the pressure can cause cracking, and these cracks often lead to leaks, which can then infiltrate the basement and crawl space area. Our crew specializes in waterproofing services.

Basement Repair

Concrete foundations are common for many homeowners, and this means there is a basement present. Our San Diego foundation repair experts know exactly how to keep this part of the home safe and functional.

Residential Services

Your home's foundation is the first building block of the structure. We offer professional repair services for homes of all sizes that range from house leveling to crack and leak treatments. Our prices are always affordable.

Commercial Services

Your business property is undoubtedly a major investment. Our crew of foundation repair experts helps maintain, repair, and keep your business foundation safe and functional. We only use the very best equipment and materials.

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Get the FAQs About Professional San Diego Foundation Repair

We understand that dealing with foundation damages can be overwhelming. Who do you hire to fix them? What will it cost? Are there risks? Our FAQ section deals with some of these questions. We invite you also to visit our blog for more in-depth foundation repair explanations.

How much do foundation repairs cost?

According to Home Guides, the average cost to repair foundation problems is $4,511 with most homeowners spending between $2,318 to $6,750. Minor foundation crack repairs cost $620 or more to fix, while major repairs that require hydraulic piers can cost $10,000 to $15,000.

Will my foundation repair be covered by my insurance company?

In most cases, yes, foundation repair is covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. As windows, doors, and roofs the foundation is part of the house. The best way to know what your homeowner's insurance covers is to speak with your company agent.

Can I live in my house during foundation repair?

In most cases, yes, you can still reside in your home while foundation repair is being performed. Most of the work is done on the outside perimeter of the home and won't disrupt you. Your foundation repair specialist will let you know what to expect based on your unique circumstances.

Get the Inside Scoop on Our San Diego Foundation Repair Services

Anyone can claim that they're a foundation repair expert, but when it comes to Better Foundation Repair San Diego, the sentiment is 100% true. Our crew of skilled and trained professionals knows exactly what your foundation needs. We apply modern techniques coupled with tried-and-true methods that result in strong, sturdy foundation repair services.

It All Begins With a Meticulous Foundation Inspection

We begin all repair services with foundation inspection in San Diego, CA. It's the only way to truly know how the damages started and where they originated. That helps our contractors apply the appropriate repairs to ensure the problem does not resurface in the future. You can trust our crew to be mindful of all cracks.

Another reason you may wish to hire our team for foundation inspection is when you're looking to purchase a new property. Sure, the home might appear in great shape to the untrained eye, but you never know what is lurking beneath the surface. We'll find any foundational issues and give you a full report.
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High-Quality Foundation Crack Repair in San Diego

Putting off foundation crack repair is never a good idea. You may have heard that all concrete has a tendency to crack, and that is true, but unless you're trained to know which cracks are problematic and which are not, you need a professional to assess your foundation. The worst thing you can do is neglect a crack because it can cost you in the long run.

Better Foundation Repair San Diego offers superior crack repair that addresses the visible problem and tackles the underlying issues of why the crack formed in the first place. To ensure your house or commercial property's stability, we invite you to call our team today for expert crack repair. We offer FREE estimates.

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House Leveling in San Diego Area

Sometimes, for one reason or another, foundations will shift and sink and cause a house to be unleveled. When that happens, windows and doors don't function properly, cracks can form in walls and ceilings, floors will slope, and walls can begin to bow inward. These are all signs of foundation problems.

Home foundation repairs in San Diego county includes comprehensive house leveling and slab jacking services. Our crew will do the best they can to get your home's foundation as close to its original position. Contact our full-service foundation company to discuss your house leveling options with a licensed contractor.
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San Diego Basement Foundation Repair

Are you noticing cracks and chips on your basement walls? Perhaps, it's really wet in your basement, and you have a presence of mold. All of these problems can be addressed by our team of foundation repair experts in San Diego CA. We'll inspect your basement to determine the underlying cause of the issues at hand and get to work on an appropriate solution.

By having Better Foundation Repair San Diego apply high-quality, long-lasting repairs to your basement, you are preserving the value of your home. Our team utilizes polyurethane crack treatments and professional waterproofing to ensure your basement is in tip-top shape. If you'd like to learn more about basement repair, please contact our team.

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Affordable Concrete Slab Foundation Repair for Your San Diego Home & Business

Chances are, if you live in an older home, it is going to have a concrete slab foundation. Concrete is more susceptible to cracking and developing leaks. When this happens, you must rectify the problem quickly before it decreases your home's value and causes other costly damages to creep up on you.

After a thorough inspection, our team will develop a calculated plan to get your slab foundation in good working order once again. Whether through house leveling or simple crack repair, you can count on us to get the job done fast and efficiently with concrete foundation repair. Call us not to get a FREE estimate!
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pier and beam foundation repair san diego ca

Professional San Diego Pier and Beam Foundation Repair for Any Property

Pier and beam foundation repair in San Diego is something we do a lot due to the many beach-front properties we service. This foundation is perfect for sandy areas because the pier & beams have a less likely chance of shift and sinking as a slab concrete foundation does. However, this form of foundation has its own set of problems that we can address.

Our team is able to replace rotted piers & beams and keep them level so that your home isn't unbalanced. We take a look at the joists of this type of foundation and make any necessary repairs to ensure stability. Pier & beam foundations normally have crawl spaces, and our crew will make sure the area is dry and functional for your protection.

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Dependable Foundation Repair in San Diego & Nearby Communities!

Our foundation repair company is happy to announce that we've expanded our service area. If you live in or have a property in the following communities, we invite you to allow Better Foundation Repair San Diego to handle all of your house leveling, crack & leak repair, and inspection needs.

Our fully licensed and insured contractors look forward to working with you.

San Diego
National City
La Mesa
El Cajon
Chula Vista
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