What Is the Cost of Foundation Repair in San Diego?

February 25, 2022

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Never put off needed foundation repair in San Diego! The longer you avoid foundation fixes, the deeper those cracks and leaks become. Additionally, your structure might settle and sink. In turn, you might then face otherwise avoidable foundation leveling and underpinning.

However, one reason many people put off needed foundation repair is the cost. If this sounds like you, check out some average foundation repair prices in San Diego CA. You can then discuss your property with a foundation repair contractor as needed.

What Is the Average Cost of Foundation Repair in San Diego?

First note that your average San Diego foundation repair costs overall might range between $3000 and $6000. However, your costs will vary according to damage extent, foundation type, and the like. With this in mind, note some detailed averages for various foundation repair methods.

uneven foundation needing repair in san diego

Foundation crack repair costs

One reason to address foundation damage early is that crack patching is typically very affordable! Also, it’s cheaper the smaller the cracks needing repairs. Property owners might pay as little as $250 for professional foundation crack patching.

On the other hand, patching deeper and larger cracks might run $800 or more. Additionally, crack patching typically needs replacing every 3 to 10 years, as the material degrades in that time. Consequently, you’ll want to avoid that cost as much as possible by scheduling repairs at the first sign of foundation cracks.

Foundation leak repair costs

Foundation leaks often signal drainage issues around your property, and damaged tile drains. These are pipes installed around the foundation, to collect moisture and direct it away from a structure. A foundation repair contractor will typically excavate the area, replace those drains, and add a waterproof coating.

Foundation leak repair typically costs between $2000 and $7000. However, most repairs last for decades if not indefinitely. Also, it’s helpful if a property owner ensures their soil stays graded properly, to keep moisture away from the structure.

Underpinning foundation repair costs

Severely damaged foundations often need underpinning. A contractor might also use this process for structures that have sunken along one side or the other. Underpinning starts with concrete pillars, steel piers, or pins inserted into the ground under or around the foundation.

Next, a contractor will lift the sunken foundation in place, usually with specialty hydraulic equipment. He or she then attaches those pins or piers to the foundation concrete. In turn, the foundation stays level and properly supported.

Underpinning costs usually average $1000 to $3000 per pier or pin. Also, this process is typically considered permanent, depending on how well a homeowner maintains their property over the years.

Foundation leveling costs

Foundation or house leveling, also called slab jacking, lifts a sunken structure to a level position. During this process, a contractor first excavates around and under the foundation. Next, he or she injects a thick slurry into that excavation. Lastly, the slurry dries and “floats” the structure back into place.

completing foundation repair in san diego ca

Foundation leveling costs might range anywhere from $500 to $1300 or more. In some cases, this fix is permanent! On the other hand, some materials might degrade over time. Additionally, a contractor might recommend underpinning along with foundation leveling, adding to your overall costs.

Bowing basement wall repair costs

Never forget that basement walls are a property’s foundation! If you notice bowing, sagging, or other severe damage, it’s vital you call a contractor right away. One reason for this is that those walls can collapse eventually. Two, cracked basement walls let in damaging moisture and insects.

A contractor typically uses carbon fiber straps for basement wall repair. These straps attach to those walls, pushing them into place and offering added support. In most cases, you might pay $1000 to $3000 per strap. Consequently, your total repair costs depend on how many straps are needed for your property’s repairs.

When Is It Time for Foundation Repair in San Diego?

Property owners might schedule a full foundation inspection every 3 to 5 years. These inspections spot developing damage deep in foundation concrete. Also, an inspection might note issues with your property that risk future damage.

Additionally, keep your eyes open for wall and ceiling cracks around the property! These often indicate a settled, sinking foundation. Lastly, call for an inspection and needed repairs if you also notice sticking doors and windows or mold growth around exterior walls.

Better Foundation Repair San Diego is happy to bring this information about the cost of foundation repair in San Diego to our readers. Hopefully you found it helpful! If you’re ready for expert fixes, call our San Diego foundation repair contractors. We start every project with a FREE inspection! So, why wait? That foundation won’t fix itself! Call our crew today to get your property started on the expert repairs it needs to have done.


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