Tips to Choose an Honest San Diego Foundation Repair Company

June 14, 2022

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Finding and hiring a foundation repair company in San Diego can get overwhelming! One reason for this is that homeowners often have no clue how to evaluate needed foundation repair. Two, just about every contractor promises that they’re the best for the job.

With this in mind, you might note some tips on choosing a reliable, honest foundation repair company. These simple tips can help you weed out inexperienced contractors who might not do the best job for your property. In turn, you can rest assured that you’ll end up with a company you can trust for your property’s needed repairs.

Work being done by a foundation repair company in San Diego.

1. Check online reviews for a foundation repair company in San Diego

When researching a foundation repair company in San Diego, you might immediately check their Google reviews. However, you don’t want to stop there! One quick tip is to also check Angi, Houzz, Thumbtack, and related sites. Two, look for patterns or a common thread in any negative reviews.

For example, you might notice many past clients complaining of a contractor charging more than their quote. This is a sure red flag that they’re not honest and trustworthy! One negative review might be a “fluke” but several with the same message is often a warning. Consequently, visit as many online review sites as possible and note any common complaint among those reviews.

2. Experience is crucial when hiring a foundation repair company

Always check how long a foundation repair company has been in business before hiring them. One reason for this is that you can’t learn foundation repair in a book! Two, several years of working on properties often means coming across various foundation issues. In turn, only a veteran repair contractor offers the expertise needed for your property’s fixes.

Also, note that a contractor with years of practice is more likely to make quick work of needed repairs. He or she will know how to excavate quickly and can spot damage more readily than an inexperienced contractor. For these reasons, choose a contractor with at least a decade of industry experience.

3. Always check their contract and guarantee before hiring

Every contractor, no matter their industry, should offer a written contract and guarantee. This contract should include a final price quote as well as a completion time. Also, that guarantee should list their warranty for both labor and materials.

Additionally, a guarantee or warranty should note what you can do if their work fails within that guaranteed timeframe. For instance, will they return and correct the issue, or will they offer a refund? Contracts might offer information about materials used and size of their crew. If there is anything missing in that contract, this can signal a disreputable contractor!

A home needing foundation repair in san diego

4. Why smaller San Diego foundation repair companies are best!

When searching for a foundation repair company, you might need to choose between an independently owned business and national franchise. While both might offer quality work, sometimes a small business or independent contractor is best! Why choose a smaller business over a nationally known franchise?

One reason is that independent contractors might rely on word-of-mouth advertising more than large, national companies. In turn, they’re often more worried about their reputation with local clients! Also, many small business owners live in the same area where they work. Consequently, they think of their customers and clients as their neighbors.

5. Don’t hesitate to contact your local Better Business Bureau

Your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) exists for a reason! That reason is to ensure that local businesses meet certain standards for how they conduct business. The BBB collects consumer complaints and investigates as they can. Additionally, the BBB usually prohibits businesses with a list of complaints from joining.

Consequently, it’s helpful to check the local BBB before hiring a contractor. Note any issues from past clients and if they were resolved. On the other hand, if a company has a stellar track record with the BBB, this is an excellent sign! You might also note how long they’ve been a member of the BBB as this can alert you to their overall experience.

Better Foundation Repair San Diego is happy to share this information about hiring a foundation repair company in San Diego. We hope you find it helpful and useful! When your property needs foundation fixes, call our expert San Diego foundation repair contractors. We offer expert services, guaranteed in writing. We also start every project with a FREE inspection and repair price quote. For more information or to get your property started on the repairs it needs, give us a call today.


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