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Seeking Slab Foundation Repair in San Diego? We've Got it Covered!

When it comes to slab foundation repair in San Diego, you can count on our crew to get the job done right the first time. Things like cracks and leaks need to be addressed right away to prevent them from worsening and causing other structural damages. Therefore, it's essential to go with a licensed and experienced company that has extensive training in concrete foundation repair.

Since 2012, our team of incredible contractors has been creating long-term solutions for damaged foundations. We apply treatments that are time-tested and have proven success records. After a thorough inspection, which doesn't cost you a penny, we'll have a better understanding of how and why your foundation became damaged in the first place.

Knowing the root cause of the problem allows us to treat the foundation as a whole rather than simply placing a bandaid on the surface, which only produces temporary results. If you'd like to schedule a FREE inspection and estimate with our contractors, please give us a call for foundation repair in San Diego!

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The Various Ways Slab Foundations are Repaired

How exactly are cracks in concrete foundations repaired in San Diego? Or how would you stabilize your home's foundation to keep it robust during an earthquake? We answer these questions below with the various methods of repair that we use. Every situation is going to be a bit different, so your repairs may not resemble your neighbor's. Check it out:

  • Steel Pressed Pilings - These types of piers are the latest innovation in slab foundation repair. Unlike other pilings, steel disturbs less of the surrounding area, and the placement is more accurate by way of technology.
  • Concrete Pressed Pilings - When it comes to concrete piers, they are driven deep into the ground to enhance the stability of the foundation.
  • Concrete Piers - These piers are more time-consuming and costly to apply, which is why they're not commonly used. We included them on our list because they do have their time and place.
  • Masonry Patches & Sealants - If your slab cement has weak spots or cracks, masonry patching or sealing can correct the problem and stabilize the area.
  • Slab Jacking - Have you ever heard of house leveling? It is the same concept as slab or mud jacking. Basically, when a foundation sinks or settles into the soil, the slab jacking process lifts it back into its original position.
  • High-Density Polyurethane Foam - This type of foam is an injectable that fills the gaps of cracks. We think of this treatment as more of a temporary fix while working on more permanent measures.
  • Helical or Spot Piers - Another form of piling that provides stabilizing effects for slab foundations that require a bit more strength.

Determining the type of slab repair your cement foundation needs requires us to perform an inspection. You can schedule one right now by phone, email, or our convenient online contact form.

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When Trouble Strikes Slab Foundations in San Diego, it's Time for Prompt Repair Services

When it comes to concrete slab foundation repair in San Diego CA, you never want to wait too long to get professional help. The longer your foundation's damages are left neglected, the worse they'll become. In many cases, foundation damages take other structures down with them, causing costly repairs for the home or business owner.

Did you know that your foundation can affect how the roof performs? When you start to notice sloping floors, bowing walls, leaks in the basement, or your home is not sitting on level ground; it's a clear indication that you have severe foundation problems that need immediate attention from a licensed contractor.

Don't let your foundation damages become so out of control that it leaves you displaced from your home due to safety hazards. Believe it or not, when caught in their early stages, most San Diego slab foundation repairs are non-disruptive and can be completed within a day or so.

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Superior Slab Foundation Repair in San Diego, California

Better Foundation Repair San Diego is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and safety. We want your home to rest on solid ground for the long haul. Simple measures such as routine inspections can make a world of difference in how long your foundation holds up.

Our foundation repair company has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of concrete and pier & beam foundation restoration. We only use industry-leading tools, equipment, and materials for your peace fop mind.

Did you know that we guarantee all of our work and back up every product that we use with exclusive warranties? Should you have an issue with our services, all you have to do is reach out to our team, and we'll send a contractor your way to make the problem right. We hope you choose us for all of your slab foundation needs.



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"Working with Better Foundation Repair San Diego restored my faith in contractors. After being ripped off and lied to by so many companies, we we're on our last leg of trusting GCs. This foundation crew came in, gave me an honest inspection and quote, and provided services within the week for my repair. Couldn't be happier!"
- Art G.

Foundation Repair Services for Valued San Diego Residents

We promise high-quality foundation repair services to fit every need in the San Diego, CA, area. Our contractors are well-versed in concrete slab, and pier & beam foundation work for residential and commercial clients. We tackle basement issues, crawl space conundrums, and irrigation problems. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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