Affordable Foundation Waterproofing in San Diego

Superior San Diego Waterproofing Services for All Foundation Types

Prevention is key to keeping foundations rock solid.

We're a company that believes strong foundations start with preventative measures. Part of these measures includes professional waterproofing in San Diego.

If you're noticing flooding and moisture in your basement or crawl space, then it's clear you need urgent waterproofing methods applied. However, we like to get your foundation waterproofed BEFORE these problems occur.

Our contractors would enjoy meeting with you and assessing your foundation and surrounding landscape to determine the best ways to waterproof your property. So if you're ready to get started, please give us a call now for a FREE inspection.

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Explore Our Extraordinary San Diego Waterproofing Services

San Diego Basement Waterproofing Saves You So Much Trouble!

Your basement should never resemble the Pacific Ocean after a rainstorm. But, if it does, you have some serious foundational issues to address.

The biggest culprits of basement flooding are cracks in the interior and exterior foundation walls and floor. Our team will quickly repair these cracks using polyurethane injection, which is a compound substance that seals up fissures.

Once we've fixed that problem, we'll put preventative waterproofing measures in place like sump pump installation and outdoor irrigation system assessment. Contact Better Foundation Repair San Diego today to learn more.

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in San Diego? Yeah, We Do That!

The crawl space of your home is meant to be used as a dry storage space. However, when this area becomes waterlogged, it's not good for much of anything.

Moisture in the crawl space causes mold growth, insect infestations, and foul odors to seep into your home. Our professional waterproofing methods can thwart those occurrences:

  • Encapsulation - Covering the entire crawl space with a waterproof tarp and sealing off the entrance.
  • Vapor Barrier Installation - The same concept of encapsulation, only the crawl space entrance is left open.

Are you unsure of which waterproofing method is best for your San Diego crawl space? We'll help you figure it out during your FREE consultation.

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Dependable French Drain Installation: Perfect Waterproofing for San Diego Properties

One of the biggest reasons foundations fail is due to excess underground water beating up against the cement. This pressure cracks the foundation and causes leaks to spring up in your basement and crawl space.

The good news is we have a solution to stop the water from rushing towards your foundation like a freight train. It's called French drain installation, and it works like a charm.

Are you interested in learning more about this valuable waterproofing method? Then, visit our blog for some exciting information!

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Say Goodbye to Standing Water With San Diego Sump Pump Installation

If you have a basement or crawl space, we can't stress enough the importance of having a sump pump hooked up. For many homeowners, a flooded basement is a reality after any rainstorm.

This type of flooding leads to a constant presence of moisture in your home, which often leads to mold growth. Having a sump pump immediately kicks on at the first sign of water levels rising in your basement and prevents all kinds of damages from happening.

We have different size sump pumps to meet your needs and can help you choose the best one for your home. 

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- Art G.

Are You in Local Our Service San Diego Waterproofing Service Areas?

Better Foundation Repair San Diego is thrilled to be in your neck of the woods! Are you located in or around National City, El Cajon, Santee, Chula Vista, or La Mesa and require professional waterproofing services? If so, please reach out to our staff today to set up an appointment. We offer FREE inspections and estimates for your convenience all throughout our service areas.

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